The main building on site has been redeveloped replacing the 1970’s building that has served the District well for over 50 years. This new modern building is sat on the existing footprint of the old hall but has been totally redesigned.

The facilities on offer include:-
The Wallis Hall, a 13.5m long x 6.5m wide hall which can sit upto 80 either in Theatre Mode or around tables, we have 20 tables and 80 chairs available for use.

The Westerleigh Room, a 5m long x 3m wide meeting room can sit up to 12 people in boardroom style, the room has Air Conditioning and a portable TV Screen for presentations.

The Kitchen is a 3m long x 3m wide space consisting of two sinks, freestanding cooker, microwave, portable water urn under counter fridge and a freezer.

The Entrance hall consists of three unisex toilets, Accessible toilet and large hand wash through.

We have limited parking on site additional parking can be made on either of the two activity fields, access to the Hall is via narrow Quiet Country Lanes, please respect our location and give way to horses and livestock.

Postcode will take you to Henfield Hall. Please use our what three words https://w3w.co/brew.helper.pixel

NOTE: This site is NOT associated with the nearby Cricket Club and the parking facilities at the Cricket Club must NOT be used by Mafeking Hall visitors. 

Outdoor space

Small Activity Field

The small activity field which is large enough to run group activities and which can be used for camping.  It is suitable to accommodate 5-6 patrol tents, still leaving room for activities.  The field also boasts a small campfire circle.

Tullet Field
The Tullet fields is under an acre in size, with plenty of space for camping and activities, the field includes a fire pit area.

Note: We do not allow, fireworks, air horns or any loud noises on site, this is due to our location and surrounded by several houses & equestian owners.


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